Help protect the River Frome

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The “River Vision Project“, launched by Frome Families for the Future want to encourage the local community to come together to enjoy, and be custodians of the River Frome.

Their mission

Noticing how the health of the river directly impacts how well we handle climate-related challenges like floods and droughts as well as helping to support the delicate ecosystem and the local community that surround it, their mission to help protect the River Frome was launched.

Their vision

Their vision is to create a vibrant and accessible River Frome that everyone can enjoy, and to inspire the local community to make small, household changes to improve the health of the river.

Our role in preserving the river

By working together we can make easy changes to our daily habits, like using eco-friendly cleaning products, not flushing wipes (even the ‘flushable’ ones) and disposing of your food waste in the right way, can play a big role in preserving our local river.


  • Please pour waste milk on your  garden and put cooled oil and fat in the bin so that my fishing waters stay clean If milk reaches the river it can create a harmful bacteria that uses up oxygen vital for fish and other aquatic life, which kingfishers eat!
  • Please use natural, non toxic or biodegradable products at home Chemicals in products like soaps and detergents can cause toxicity in living organisms. When accumulated, they lead to significant gill damage and sight loss in fish. Non toxic products are also better for your hair/scalp/body.
  • Always put wet wipes, kitchen roll and pocket tissues in the bin Kitchen roll and pocket tissues don’t break down like toilet paper does. Even ‘flushable wipes’ can lead to sewer blockages and make their way to the river. Sewer blockages  can be stressful and a costly problem to fix 
  • Always take spare medicines to the pharmacy medications, like hormones and antidepressants, contain chemicals that can end up back in our drinking water and affect the reproduction and growth of aquatic species like frogs and fish.
  • Keep your dog out of the river for a few days after their flea treatmentInsecticides from tick, flea, and worm treatments exceed safe limits for wildlife in our rivers, endangering insect larvae like mayflies and dragonflies.

For more top tips on how to improve river water quality from your home click here.

Want to do more?

Why not volunteer for a river community group like Friends of the River Frome as well as Frome Families for the Future.

If you’re interested in learning more about the River Vision Project by Frome Families for the Future, as well as the various exciting events and activities they organise, please click on the link.

Let’s join them on their mission to make the River Frome a vibrant, sustainable, and inclusive space for everyone to enjoy, after all, a healthy river is not just good for the environment, but for our health as well.

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