Frome Moves Toward a Wellbeing Economy

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Watch this presentation by Dr Helen Kingston, Senior GP Partner at Frome Medical Practice delivered at the Net Zero British Medical Journal Conference in October 2023.

Dr Kingston shares with us how Frome is moving toward a wellbeing economy through the power of collaboration and our partnership. Dr Kingston looks at the various initiatives at Green & Healthy Frome and shows how they are contributing to the wellbeing economy, with a focus on Choosing Wisely, Healthy Homes and our Green Connectors.

For those who cannot, or would prefer not to watch or listen to the video please select “cc” from the tool bar for the option of reading the closed captions.

Dr Helen Kingston

Dr Helen Kingston

Senior GP Partner, Frome Medical Practice

Want to be a part of this move toward a wellbeing economy? There are so many different ways to get involved starting with improving your own health all the way to supporting others in the community and helping make Frome a greener and healthier place to live.

A good place to start is through the Green Connector workshops – hosted by Frome Medical Practice, these workshops help to share the message about how to live a healthier and greener life, provide information about where to find further resources and support across Frome and signpost you to all the incredible initiatives happening in our town that you can get involved with.

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