Friday 15th July 2022

Health and climate change – how are they connected? Does taking action to improve one, create opportunities to improve the other?


A unique partnership – Edventure Frome, Frome Medical Practice and Frome Town Council –  is working together to achieve health and climate win-wins in our town. Join us on the 15th of July to learn about our impact, ways to get involved and models for making change in your own community.


This interactive one-day event in Frome, Somerset will:

  • Show how our own health and the planet’s health are firmly linked 
  • Involve all participants in considering the ways our communities can achieve health and climate change win-wins
  • Share practical ideas and plans for widespread community action and health service innovation


This conference is aimed at anyone who wants to create change in their own communities, and those from health, local government and third sector organisations. It’s also for the people of Frome and surrounding areas who want to connect with others across the region and the UK, and get more involved in the Green & Healthy Future project.

We care about having real exchanges, making the best use of every moment we have together, inviting feedback on the ideas you hear and equipping everyone for a greener, healthier future.

At this event, participation is key. Everyone will be immersed in real examples of change, with time to talk, think and listen. Our event will inspire you to produce your own blueprint for change in your community or neighbourhood.


You will:

  • Hear about the successes and lessons learned from a live climate action programme where one innovative community’s GPs, local council and a social enterprise came together to tackle climate change and health challenges
  • Have an opportunity to join walking tours and see the programme in action
  • Forge important new connections
  • Share your own experiences of overcoming obstacles to make effective actions to improve climate change and health outcomes 
  • Problem-solve the challenges to replicating this in your own town – this will be especially effective if you come as a group with your opposite number in the health service, local government and/or community organisation

    You will take away:

    • The story of our project and, if you live in Frome or its surrounds, information about how you can get involved going forward
    • Ideas for how you can build a green and healthy town or city
    • A recipe for creating productive cross-sector projects
    • Toolkits of Frome’s prototypes to tailor and scale in your community/town
    • New contacts and connections to a network of community-focused climate activists
    • Collective insights on making climate action stick 


    Sharing their insights, our guest speakers will include:

    • Jonathan Higman – Chief Executive Designate, Somerset Integrated Care Board
    • Dr Rita Issa – Climate Researcher, Activist and GP, Bromley-by-Bow Centre 
    • Simon Roberts – Chief Executive, Centre for Sustainable Energy


    You will also hear directly from members of the Green & Healthy Futures team :

    • Dr Helen Kingston – Senior GP Partner, Frome Medical Practice
    • Jenny Hartnoll – Health Connections Mendip Lead
    • Johannes Moeller – Managing Director, Edventure:Frome
    • Sue Palmer – Future Shed Lead, Edventure: Frome
    • Nikki Brain – Resilience Manager, Frome Town Council


    Agenda (times subject to change):

    9:30am – Arrivals and registration

    10:30am – Opening and talks from guest speakers 

    11:30am – Stories from Green & Healthy Future programme leads

    12pm – Lunch and networking

    1pm – Breakout sessions and discussions under five different themes that relate to our programme

    2pm – Feedback, guest speakers and conference closing

    3pm – Walking tours

    4pm – Drinks reception


    Ticket Tiers (including all refreshments and processing fees):

    Tier 1 – £12.50 – I am part of a community organisation or group / I am an individual on a lower income / I am in receipt of benefits / I am a student, and this tier enables me to attend

    Tier 2 – £22.50 – I work for an organisation with a limited training budget or no organisation at all and rarely can attend learning, networking or conference activities such as this

    Tier 3 – £45 – I work for an organisation with a medium training budget which can usually cover attendance at one or two development opportunities a year

    Tier 4 – £70 – I work for an organisation with sufficient training budget for me to attend development opportunities with ease

    We have a limited number of free bursary tickets available to anyone from a community group or from Frome who would not otherwise be able to attend. We do not want the ticket price to be prohibitive. Please contact with Bursary Ticket in the email subject, as soon as possible.

    Covid guidance

    We will issue Covid safety guidance nearer the time of the event and plan for the event to keep all attendees as safe as possible.

    About the hosts

    This event is hosted by the Green & Healthy Future for Frome programme.

    A Green & Healthy Future for Frome wants to achieve a health and climate win-win. How? By exploring how we can help local people to live in ways which are good for their health and the planet. This community-led initiative is based on the fact that these issues are firmly linked – if we improve one, we’ll also improve the other, enabling everyone to share in a better future.

    The programme is a partnership between Edventure: Frome, Frome Medical Practice, Frome Town Council and our local community. Our programme is made possible by the Climate Action Fund through The National Lottery Community Fund.

    This event is funded through The National Lottery’s Climate Action Fund. Thanks to additional sponsorship from Cheese & Grain.